Fire Hose Re-coupling Service

Fire Hose Repair Re-coupling consists of the following process:

  • Cutting out the damaged or failed portion of the fire hose that is labeled or marked by you
  • Removing both couplings from the fire hose
  • Extracting the old expansion ring & tail gasket from the couplings
  • Measuring the bowl size to confirm accuracy and proper fit
  • Re-coupled with new expansion rings & tail gasket
  • Inspecting water way gasket, and is replaced if needed or fails during service test
  • If your hose is marked with a number that is clearly faded, we will re-stencil it for you
  • We take requests for custom stenciling
  • Service tested to 2018 NFPA 1962 standards

**All fire hose to be re-coupled needs to be marked where the damage is or where the section needs to be cut out. If you are not sure, or need us to test it prior to repairing, an additional $.75/ft service charge is added for 1" thur3" and $1.50/ft service charge is added for 4" & 5".**